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The cooperation between the Moi University and the University Bayreuth is within the SEED Project planned for at the moment – four years. Within this time eight workshops are planned. Each year one of them will take place in Eldoret and one in Bayreuth. Aim of these workshops is the intensive exchange between the participating workgroup. In this connection report, the main focus is on discussion and planning seminars between providers and users of the utilized software systems. Main points are:

  • Virtual research and division of information
  • Digital archiving
  • Development of e-learning/teaching
  • Uing of social media
  • Online publishing
  • Letting other partners be a part

The workgroups that are part of this project consist of members of the administration and of the department of Informatics from both Universities. Aim of the college management group is the development of strategies for planning and implementation of ICT projects at the universities. These strategies are, within an IT-professional group, with concrete projects – validated and implemented. For this mainly software systems were chosen, which will improve the already existed cooperation between both universities. These systems include most importantly an interactive e-learning environment, also a platform which can be used by both sides, in order to have access to archives and the exchange of scientific works. These systems must be set up independently of each other in both universities, so that both partners also outside of the SEED-project can benefit from this. Regarding this, the focus is the cooperation with further partners.

Project Schedule

In the first two workshops (A and B) the base and strategies for a successful installation of ICT-projects at the universities should be developed. With the beginning of the second workshop (B) the existing IT-infrastructure should be analyzed at both universities. Within the cooperation computer systems will be arranged, which are respectively preconfigured and shall be adapted. Under the permanent supervision of the university management group, e-learning applications should be installed and also an archiving platform in both universities. In the terminal year of the project, the sustainability marks the main topic. Therefore, a presentation of results for representatives of other universities and institutes of both continents is planned.

A: 1. Quarter 2011Bayreuth
B: 3. Quarter 2011Eldoret
C: 1. Quarter 2012Eldoret
D: 3. Quarter 2012Bayreuth
E: 1. Quarter 2013Eldoret
F: 3. Quarter 2013Bayreuth
G: 1. Quarter 2014Bayreuth
H: 3. Quarter 2014Eldoret

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