28.02.2012 Workshop D, 10.-12.12.2012 in Bayreuth

28.02.2012 Workshop C, 14.-18.05.2012 in Eldoret

08.11.2011 Workshop B, 21.-23.11.2011 in Eldoret

23.03.2011 Workshop A, 29.-31.03.2011 in Bayreuth

SEED – New ICT Strategies for the Enhancement of Higher Education Management

The collaborative research project SEED of the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and the Moi University in Eldoret (Kenya) was started in 2011. The aim of the project funded by the program DIES Partnerships of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is to make Higher Education Management more efficient by the central development and configuration of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Services.

The strategic planning of an enhanced ICT infrastructure is of crucial importance to ensure the continuation of excellent teaching and learning conditions at both universities. ICT planning is under the direct leadership of university management, a fact that reflects the importance attached to ICT strategies at both institutions. Without this dedication at management level, ICT is in danger of being just “techniques” – with management support, it becomes a strategic topic for a university.

The focus of SEED is on planning and enactment strategies and their validation through the configuration of a joint digital information platform with key technologies in e-teaching/e-learning and archiving applications. The availability and acceptance of e-functionality in teaching, learning, research and Higher Education Management is expanded.

Under the leadership of university management, these new strategies will have positive long-term effects on already existing collaborative projects. For example:

  • scientific dialogue between both universities will be enhanced through the facilitation of teleconferencing, collaborative teaching, virtual workshops and seminars and e-learning in general.
  • the archiving and digitization project between DEVA and SASS will be consolidated.
  • the realization of the sandwich graduate programs offered by BIGSAS will be supported.

Finally, the expansion of the system to other partner universities is planned. Thus SEED serves not only for the improvement of collaborative research and teaching between Germany and Kenya, but may also enhance cooperation with other African universities.




First meeting of the core team of the SEED project at Iwalewa-Haus (from left to right): Dr. Ulf Vierke, Prof. Stefan Jablonski, Dr. Margrit Prussat, M.Sc. Robin Hecht, Dr. Eunice Kamaara, Prof. Naomi Shitemi, Dr. Florence Indede (as guest).

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